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Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Yeah, I bought oranges, but I don't know if they were from Valencia. So, anyway when I was already back in Estonia I saw a sign at the supermarket that said Valencia's orange, and the country of origin was... Egypt

Once we actually talked about the communities, well sort of. It came up with transportation, that there are regional trains which are cheaper than the other ones. So then I asked how many regions there were, but she said she didn't remember exactly. I thought maybe in Spain it's not discussed at school Ceuta and Melilla are in Africa (just checked), very interesting.

Actually I don't find Spanish so difficult. The grammar isn't as easy as in English, but I think it's fine (or maybe I haven't got to the hard part yet). The most confusing so far is using SER or ESTAR, but with time it comes more of an instinct. Same with conjugation (though it's annoying at times when I have to think which form I want to use, and then start going in my head like hablo, hablas, habla, hablamos, hablais, hablan).
You're right, I'm lucky and I know it Actually the greatest thing has been that I've had native speakers as teachers. It adds so much more, especially with the cultural and everyday stuff. Though if you're not in it, it's kind of hard to imagine everyday life from a distant (I had heard about how people would eat late, but I realized it just in Spain when I saw little kids playing at park at 10 pm).
Kids who have a chance to take part of summer camps abroad to learn another language, have a really great advantage IMO.

Well, it's already a step in a right direction if someone even knows there's a country Estonia We're a Baltic country, but we have totally different language of Latvia and Lithuania (they have similar languages, but those are also not Slavic, though they are part of the Indo-European language tree). Sort of like Finland is a Nordic country, but has a totally different language of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

We could complain, and have protests, but I guess we're too lazy. Estonians whine and bitch, but when there's chance to do something it's like 'let others do it, I don't want to get in the middle of this'. So thankfully it's not because the government would "put people away" if it got too uncomfortable for them The bigger problem is that there are no strong labor unions to fight for the rights. Yes, there are rights at work by the law, but the employers usually find some hole to skip it. Or as it is at the moment with high unemployment rate, they would say "if you don't accept these conditions I'll take someone else", because there's a line out of the door, and people would do anything just to get some work.. Totally slave's mentality, and I don't think there'll be a change for the better anytime soon. There are very few positions here where the employee could dictate the conditions.
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