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Re: Nina fans Off-Topic Thread

Oh my bad. I know Estonia is a baltic country but somehow I thought Baltic and Slavic are related in some ways...Guess not

Well most of us have black hair instead of brown but yeah if you´re like that,I dunno how those employees knew you´re not from Spain . And about your skin going red because of the sun, guess what? Happens to everyone and tends to happen because of a extreme sunbathing (doesn´t matter if you were searching for it or not)

You took with you your Spanish dictionary wherever you went? How cute . About that Indian guy...well if anyone I don´t know starts asking about something personal about my sister...well I would feel a bit akward for sure (and I would think that guy is a creepy one ).

About the Spanish language...everyone says it´s difficult to learn,don´t know why (Actually I do,must be because the grammar was made in hell for those who are not native) but as you said, you can do some basic stuff which is pretty important . And it happens to everyone, they can understand more than they can talk.And don´t worry, with time and patience you will leave the A level and became B or C or whatever you want .Also you have been to the country, you´ve experienced the radio, the conversations etc...It can only help you in the future plus should use it as a mirror to improve. I´m saying this because I guess not everyone who studies a foreign language is able to go to that country and stay there for a while so you´re lucky IMO but I guess you already know that

Well,this Supra Alsa bus is amazing. I´ve never been in a bus like that, I can assure you. And if they even have like a stewardess, well that looks more of a plane than a bus .Good for you on trying that, now I must try that bus too

If the information in the shirt is right, well then you Estonians have all the right to complain, even more than the Greeks .I didn´t know things were as bad there but isn´t the Government too strict about the complaints? E.g. sending the cops to end a manifestation? That would explain why everyone is complaining but noone acts. I really hope that isn´t the case,because it´s almost like going backwards about your own freedom..

In your Spanish class they didn´t tell you about "Las Comunidades Autónomas"? They´re what you would call a region, and in Spain there are 17 of those. It´s like the States of EEUU. every one is different and have differents laws and such, but of course there, things aren´t such as big as in USA . And then you have Ceuta and Melilla, two autonomic cities that don´t belong to any of those 17 CCAA(Comunidades Autónomas). The Central Government, which is in the capital, controls Spain. I´m telling you that because Extremadura is one of those CCAA. Alicante isn´t a CCAA, it´s included in Comunidad Valenciana, alongside Valencia & Castellón : p

BTW about Valencia, did you finally bought some oranges de Valencia?

Well actually I´ll be living in Madrid from October onwards but I´ll plan to keep on living in the future. (Not if I get a spot in AgaSport or similar as a tennis journalist, which is for what I´m studying for ) Everyone says that living in Madrid is pretty stressful,gotta check that by myself...I hope is not as bad as everyone makes out to be . But yeah if I live in Madrid I´ll get to know the town very well so the touristic walks aren´t that out of question
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