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77-44, the law passes - marriage equality in New Zealand :)

Firstly I need to point out something. I am what you may call a centrist-conservative, I've worked for the National Party before and I do support most of their policies.

Last year was quite a hard year for me. On February 22nd, there was a huge natural disaster here in Christchurch. Nearly 200 people lost their lives, including some in the building directly behind the building I was working in. My house was damaged, my work building was torn down, I even relocated from Christchurch for a few weeks as sewage was coming out my front door.

It was awful in so many respects, however it also enabled me to leave a relationship which was not working out for me.

A couple of months later I began to get my confidence back, and I met the man I love called Steven. July 19th was our first meeting/date, I saw him at a bar a couple of days earlier but was too shy to introduce myself so I found him on Facebook instead.

Our first date wasn't anything flash, it was just a coffee followed by dinner. Turns out we had a lot of similar interests, but it was his beautiful eyes that made me fall for him.

In September we kind of mutually decided that we were in love, and we arranged a trip to Europe. He also got a job in Wellington starting in February 2012. I had a full time permanent job in Christchurch that I'd worked at ever since I left school, I was a bit iffy about giving it up however a very special lady gave me the courage to take a risk and go for it.

November 11th, on my birthday - at 1:11pm he proposed to me. He said some sweet words, a couple of happy tears were shed and then he put a ring on my finger.

November 19th-early January. We went to Europe, visiting alot of our extended families in UK. Also went to Italy, France and Norway. It was a very special trip, however what I most enjoyed was spending the time with him. I know he's the one for me.

I'm now a student in Wellington, and my fiance works here. We've been living together for about six months now. I've met his family lots of time and hes seen quite a bit of mine too. We are quite the perfect fit.

... the problem is, we can't technically get married in New Zealand yet. While we can have a civil union, I want to be able to legally call him my husband without having any thoughts in the back of my head saying 'well actually he's just a partner'. Also we have talked about having kids in 5-10 years time.

This bill has just been pulled out of the ballot, it would allow couples of the same gender to wed.

The student branch of the National Party is expected to express their support behind it, I really hope this law passes.

I'm interested to hear your opinions on whether or not you think that Gay Marriage should be legal.

Thank you for everything Mercedes, now please be nice to Socrates for me, perhaps fetch him a bird or two. We love you, always.

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