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Re: Ana Ivanovic has a new boyfriend.

Originally Posted by Cajka View Post
Wait, wait, wait, are you suggesting that Adam didn't want her to shine? Maybe he had some evil plan to ruin her career? It's excessive.

And I'm generalizing people because, unfortunately, we all have good and bad qualities. It's black and white in life, not black or white. This is real life, not some telenovela. Adam Scott is not a villain and Ana is not some poor LLovizna or whatever. I despise him, as I said, but the women like Ana or Nicole would ruin their careers anyway. If you're not able to set some limits, to set some priorities, to fight for yourself, you'll never have normal relationships. There will always be some selfish boyfriend, abusive boss, evil girlfriends.
WOW! My god.. did I express myself SO badly or did you not understand a single word of what I said?

No.. I'm not sugesting Adam didn't want her to shine.. WTF?! I'm saying there are people who want you to grow, to shine, and will actually help you to do that. What Adam wanted or not I have absolutely no idea, and I'm not discussing that AT ALL.

Of course this is real life.. and as such, not everyone is selfish, as you make it seem. It's a bit contradictory to say you are generalizing people and then mention good and bad qualities.. that's just the reason people shouldn't be generalized. There are people who will go out there and actually put the other best interest ahead.. that is what love is all about anyway.

Adam Scott is not a villain.. I never said that. He was just an awful influence to Ana. And that is a pure fact. I think I even said in one post that he might be a nice guy and all.. but to Ana he was a douchebag. And again.. why keep discussing Ana? She is not the point here.. and AGAIN I'm not excusing her for such weak, stupid behavior. From being an Ana hater, I'm suddenly being acused of defending her irrationally... oh the irony!

There will always be some selfish abusive boyfriends.. some evil girlfriends.. but there will also be some nice supportive boyfriends/girlfriends. It takes 2 to tango as people say.. and just because one is weak, doesn't make the other necessarily selfish and abusive. The other can actually help that person to become strong.

You mention Nicole.. I don't think her issue was getting together with Radek at all.. And he has stated a number of times that he supports her every decision, and that he motivates her to play tennis. Nicole just didn't have the desire anymore.. so much she doesn't want to be playing.

Now Ana was a world of difference when she was with Adam and when not. A world of difference. He was a completely awful influence to her.

Look.. same person can have a healthy relationship and an abusive one.. so its not only that person to blame for it.. Ana's relationship with Adam was an awful influence to her career NOT only because she was weak and stupid.. also because he was just that, an awful influence.

And to assume Ana would be in this same stage Adam or not is an exercise in future reading. People around us shape our lives.. any person who crosses our path may take us to a different direction. So maybe she would be in this same position.. but maybe not.

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