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Re: Ana Ivanovic has a new boyfriend.

Originally Posted by gaviotabr View Post

You make it seem like I'm forbidding you of liking him. You can do whatever you want.. so can anyone, obviously. And I can think its a case in study, like rooting for Julie Coin.

Sure, its Ana's fault.. she threw her career down the drain. But someone who is a self declared Ana fan and likes a guy who was a clear factor and a big influence in that whole negative process is indeed something I can't understand.

Since you bring up Whitney.. of course Bobby isn't to blame.. as Adam isn't to blame.. but do real Whitney fans love Bobby and root for him to win grammys or something? It's one thing not to blame.. its another to like or worship someone who negatively influenced the person you are a fan of and was a huge factor in that person going down a bad path. Hey I love Bobby, he offered drugs to Whitney! Come on... its not his fault, its hers.. but he wasn't a good influence.

We are a product of the people around us.. people around us are a big influence in our decisions and approach to life... that's for anyone.. and be it mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, teacher, coach, whoever it is.. those people around us can influence us in good and bad ways... can help us grow or drown.. Ultimately, everything that we do is our responsability, our choices, our life, our fault. But we can't deny the influence of people around us.

Adam was an undeniable awful influence in Ana's career.. if she skipped tournaments to go WAGing, it was her choice, but because of him, his influence.. and I could go on and on. He might be a great guy, I'm not judging him.. But he was a big factor in the death of Ana's career. See.. I'm a fan of Ana the tennis player, not really of Ana the person. I liked Adam at the beginning, as I don't really care for Ana's boyfriends.. but after all that has happened, and all Ana did.. I can't like someone who was such an active negative influence in Ana's WTF decisions regarding her career. If you want to love him and root for him, fine.. I still think its a case in study... hey hey, he is so great, Ana made a whole bunch of stupid decisions that killed her career to spent time with him or to please him! Awesome! I'm not excusing Ana.. or saying it was all him.. I just wouldn't be able to like anyone who had any influence in the demise of Ana's tennis.

Since you are a Serena fan... do you love Drake or something or the guy who broke her heart?
How can you blame Adam for being an awful influence? If anything, you should blame Ana for ALLOWING him to BE an awful influence. Do you see Maria sitting court-side at basketball games in Turkey?! Hell no! Because she knows that her career is FIRST. No man, not even her fiance is going to deter her from reaching her ultimate goal on the court. Hence, her FO title this year. She hasn't ALLOWED Sasha to influence her in that way. Ana doesn't have that same mindset. Sadly, she's weak, she's naive and she's easily swayed off the court. THIS is why she has underachieved these last several years. Ana WANTED to spend time with him MORE than she wanted GRANDSLAMS!! Hey! She chose love over her career. Her decision, her choice. I'm not going to crucify Adam for Ana's actions. You should learn to do the same. And you're funny as hell to not like someone for being a negative influence on Ana's career considering your past history...

And we still haven't figured out what happened with Drake. I think he was just a fling. It was Common who broke her heart and it's unclear about what happened because both parties feel that they were wronged,
I've always been a fan of Drake (still am) but I've never been a fan of Common soooooo no, I don't love him.

Rena's Army, Ana and Vika!!!


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