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Re: Question about String Tension

That really depends on a a number of factors. Do you have your racquet strung at a high tension or low tension? Are the strings poly, gut or synthetic (nylon)? If gut or poly, is it pre-stretched?

How long do you play with your racquet each time you play?

Strings can be an expensive side hobby, one you can spend a ton of money on in re-stringing costs trying to find just the right setup and then maintaining it to your playing habits. If you play less frequently, or are less picky about your strings, you can get away with re-stringing less frequently.

I played around with different hybrid combinations of Pro Hurricane Tour, Big Banger Alu Power and Solinco Tour Bite in my mains and VS Gut, OG Sheep Micro and N.Vy in my crosses but ultimately decided I liked PHT/VS Gut strung at 53/57. Right off the bat, it feels great, and for the first 6-10 hours of playing it's perfect, then I can feel my strings start getting loose and moving and I know I can think about a re-string at any point thereafter. Because gut is so expensive, I will usually only do it every month and go to an alternate frame or frames in the meantime. Stringing at a higher tension and letting it drop down is one alternative, but this results, IMHO, in a totally different playability--not the same at all.

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