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Re: How do you deal with depression?

Originally Posted by Steven. View Post
not really on the topic of bipolarity but just a general thought about depression

I think the best way to cope with it is just to realise why you're depressed and address it, with the ultimate goal of becoming a better person by the end of it. Just to think of positive thoughts like things WILL DEFINITELY be much better than before. You just need to overcome the problems in your life and at the same time becoming a better person for your own sake, and for the sake of those around you.

there's no point in running away from your problems. Just gotta push through each day and think positive and make a better person out of yourself.
I spent months trying to figure out the causes of my distress and depression with my psychologist but we reached a dead end. It's more like I don't know what's wrong or why but I can feel its effect in my daily life. But if you know your depression is a reaction to events, addressing them will definitely help.

Originally Posted by debby View Post
Actually, there are a few degrees of bipolarity. It might be slight bipolarity or severe one.
You know, my mom has seen a few doctors, and she discovered about her disorder only at 40 when I already knew 4 years before... so maybe you should seek informations about different mental disorders related to depression or I don't know, because it is more and more the case nowadays. And if you are treated only for depression while you have a mental disorder, it won't fully help you.

But maybe you only suffer from a depression and you need much, much time.
When you are not in your episodes in which you feel like absolute shit etc etc (like what you described in the other post), how do you feel?
Yeah, I understand the degree varies across the spectrum. It took me a lot of fighting and denial before I finally accepted I suffered from depression so I don't know what I'd do if I was actually given a bipolar disorder diagnosis instead. So yeah, for now I'm depressed and I'm perfectly content.

I feel pretty "normal". As in not a very elevated mood or a very low one. Just about right. I'd get mood swings but they are usually reactive in nature and last minutes or hours, rarely a day or seven. I was reminded of what I had done during the last episode and to be honest, it all seemed alien to me. It's almost like we were completely different people. This is also why it's difficult for the psychotherapist and I to work on things now as I'm currently not "in the mood" and I feel very disconnected.

Originally Posted by dsanders06 View Post
I wish I could tell you there was one surefire way of recovering - I know when I was at my worst points I'd make threads like on this on forums (never on this forum though, I had appearances to keep up ) just hoping someone would be able to give me a step-by-step guide of how to get better. But the reality is everyone needs to find their own solution, and what helps one person recover from depression doesn't work for everyone - don't believe people who say getting exercise everyday or just trying to think positively or just trying to bury yourself in work/social life to not give yourself time to think about your problems, are guaranteed cures - they work for some people who have depression, and they MIGHT work for you, but they didn't work for me, there's nothing guaranteed about it.

The only advice I feel I can really give you is to give yourself time, lots and lots of time. A couple of years ago, I kept trying to set myself deadlines for when I wanted to be cured of depression and be a "normal" person and not have to take medication, and when I didn't meet the pressure I was putting on myself I just felt doubly worse... I kept trying to overdo it by doing too much before I was ready, like I tried to start university twice already because I felt it was unacceptable and embarrassing to still be living with parents when (seemingly) everyone my age wasn't, I kept trying to force myself to go out nearly everynight because that's what "normal" students do and that's what it seemed like all my old friends from school were doing (judging by their Facebook photo albums ), I kept trying to deny I was still feeling worse inside than I should've been, but each time I tried to do all that I just ended up going back to square one.

It's only been in the last 12 months when I accepted that it's going to take however long it takes and that it's going to have to be gradual that I finally started to make progress (to use the cheesy psychobabble, I only started to recover when I "stopped defining my life by other people's / society's expectations of me and allowed myself time to find what was right for me" ).
And the right thing for you was trolling in TF?

I very much agree with what you posted. Your answer to your particular mental crisis will be different to mine or theirs. I don't think there is a "right" way to get through it. As widely spread as depression and anxiety are, I feel they are both very personalised and that's why it's hard to give OP a guide so to speak.
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