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Re: The Official PAW (Pick-A-Winner) Rules and FAQ'S


MTF uses midnight local time as the deadline and I can tell you it is a nightmare for the person running the commitments thread (yes I run it) because the weekly tournaments usually run on vastly different time zones and the person running the commitment thread virtually has to be at their pc 24/7 announcing on the thread when commitments for a particular tournament are closed. If an announcement isn't made on the thread that a particular tournament is closed to commitments, then players will still commit to play there because they can't be bothered to check if it is past midnight local time. I live in the UK and often have to carry out an update to the MTF PAW Commitments thread early on Monday morning because of the commitment deadlines for US tournaments - it is not something that I particularly enjoy having to do when I get into work on Monday morning!

By having one commitment deadline of 9pm CET (as we have had on WTA for the past 5 years) then all players get used to this deadline time and there is no confusion whatsoever. For the past 5 years, players from Europe have run the PAW Commitments thread, so 9pm is a convenient time on Saturday or Sunday evening for them to update the thread and therefore the PAW Managers have a definative list of registered players at the same time every week.

Hopefully this answers your question.
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