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Originally Posted by the cat View Post
Who knows maybe Evert has something against Maria for not spending more time training at the Evert Academy than she did. But it was sad to her Chrissie glow on about Aga and treat Maria like she was an afterthought. Aga is better than Maria at this point in their careers but Maria was the more impressive player in thier match even though she lost. Yet the media treated her like she was an afterthought. Maybe that's because Kiri is ranked #19 and not #3 like Aga or maybe it's because some people in tennis think Kirilenko is only a pretty good player and nothing more. Kirilenko may very well have that "pretty good only" stigma about her. Well it's time for Makiri to prove them all wrong by making the top 10 and a grand slam semfinal in the next year or so.
Evert was also really dismissive of Radwanska back in the Austrialian Open for not having weapons, when she was only 8 seed, and Evert didn't really start pumping Radwanska's tires here until there was a clear patch to the final. Evert clearly was at best a casual fan of the tour before she became a commentator. She doesn't know much else about individual players other than what she sees while watching the top players at Slams and some familiarity with the Williams sisters & Sharapova & Clijsters. She barely acknowledges tennis exists apart from the Slams. I doubt she carries any kind of grudge against Kirilenko.

Pam & Mary Jo at least came around to recognize they were watching a fantastic match with Radwanska. They at least had some respect for her, having remembered her upset of Sharapova in Australia 2010.

Matt Cronin is the one writer who gives Kirilenko due respect for her game, though he still will pick against her more than I like (he was wrong on Peng this event, wrong on McHale in US Open).

I also hope she wins a singles title this year. Even if it's a small one. That would do so much for her confidence. Damn I wish Maria played 20 or 30 years ago when the women were so much smaller than they are now. Kiri would have cleaned up on alot of top players then.
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