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Originally Posted by NYKiriFan View Post
I was hoping the ESPN pregame today would at least give Kiri some respect for the match against Radwanska. Nope. Chris Evert basically said the only reason why the match was close was because Radwanska "had such an easy route and no test at all and just wasn't match-tough enough." She did say Kiri "fought hard" but it was a patronizing remark in this context. Maybe Kiri will actually get some respect if Radwanska pulls off the final upset, but I'm not holding my breath.

At least Radwanska postgame immediately acknowledged she won today in spite of her tough QF.

I'm sad Kiri's not back for Stanford this year, as I happened to be in the Bay Area this summer & last summer. But I can't blame her. Frankly I'm surprised Stanford's getting the quality they are given the schedule this year.
Thanks for letting me know what Chris Evert said post match. Evert was condescending to Kirilenko before the match like she had no chance against Radwanska unless Maria played unbelievably well. The truth is Maria and Aga are very similar players skill wise and mobility wise. No doubt Radwanska has a better mind and is more clutch. Aga wins titles and Maria hasn't won a singles title since 2008. And Aga's self belief is what pulled her through in the end. That and that screwy schedule and all the stops and re starts in that match. The odd thing to me is that many years ago Makiri used to train at the Evert Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. While Kiri is not a graduate so to speak of the Evert academy the way Maria Sharapova was at Bollettieri's she did train there and so few players who have trained at Evert's have done anything good as pro's. So you would think that Chris Evert would have nice things to say about Maria's game. But she doesn't. What, Kirilenko's 52 winners against a great defensive player like Radwanska on a terrible weather day to play tennis didn't impress Chrissie? Kiri's 52 winners and 30 unforced errors are amazing statistics in women's tennis for a player like Kiri who does not have alot of power. Maria got those amazing 52 winners through her skill not her brawn like Serena Williams does.

Who knows maybe Evert has something against Maria for not spending more time training at the Evert Academy than she did. But it was sad to her Chrissie glow on about Aga and treat Maria like she was an afterthought. Aga is better than Maria at this point in their careers but Maria was the more impressive player in thier match even though she lost. Yet the media treated her like she was an afterthought. Maybe that's because Kiri is ranked #19 and not #3 like Aga or maybe it's because some people in tennis think Kirilenko is only a pretty good player and nothing more. Kirilenko may very well have that "pretty good only" stigma about her. Well it's time for Makiri to prove them all wrong by making the top 10 and a grand slam semfinal in the next year or so. I also hope she wins a singles title this year. Even if it's a small one. That would do so much for her confidence.

Damn I wish Maria played 20 or 30 years ago when the women were so much smaller than they are now. Kiri would have cleaned up on alot of top players then.

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