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Re: Angie: Interviews, Tweets and Video Appearances

Funny ivw with Angie:

[BILD: What about love letters?

Kerber: "Sure they are. But I can't read everything. So my mother does it "]

So, her mother has GREAT fun

Originally Posted by joy division View Post
Thanks to Silesia for the link !

It`s BILD Zeitung so they probably tuned-up the answers.
The interview in English.

Does our blonde angel fly to Wimbledon title?
A. Kerber meets former Nr. 1 Kim Clisters in round 4.
The BILD interview with Angelique Kerber :

"If I win Wimbledon I`ll jump out of an aeroplane."

Q. How do you want to beat Clijsters ?

A. I have to do my own thing, play aggressively and keep her running. I`ll concentrate on my own strengths.

Q. What will you do when you win Wimbledon ?

A. Then I`ll jump out of an aeroplane.

Q. Huh ?

A. Kerber laughing. Yeah, I was talking about it with my coach Torben Beltz that we`ll do a parachute jump or paragliding, when I`ll win a Grand Slam tournament.

Q. You seem to love the risk ?

A. A little thrill can`t do damage.

Q. Do you sleep well before the matches ?

A: Yes. I`m deadly tired here in the evening. I try to switch off the lights at 11 pm.

Q. It`s the first time that you rented an appartement lying closely to the facilities. Do you cook on your own ?

A. No, that does not belong to my strengths. But somewhen I`ll have to learn it.

Q. Talking about eating, why do you never eat while flying ?

A. It does not taste me. I just don`t like the warm food in the planes. I always can find a bakery before and take a bread bun with me.

Q. Do you still take ice baths after the matches.

A. Yes, cold water and then adding icecubes.
I hate it, but I notice that it helps.

Q. Do you know your possible opponent in the quarterfinals ?

A. No. Previously I was always looking at the draw. No more today. I don`t want to know it. And please don`t tell me.

Q. Alright, next question. Why do you have a crush on S. Vettel ?

A. He does a perfect job and is always relaxed. He is an easy guy and not too macho-like. I love formula 1.

Q. We`ve heard that you like toconfuse the motorways with a formula 1 course...

A. Haha, I just like to drive fast.

Q. What was your highest speed ?

A. 270 km/h, with an Mercedes CLS

Q. So you have more points in Flensburg (German register of traffic offenders) than in tennis rankings ?

A. No, I have no point there. But that`s just very lucky.

Q. You are young, successful and are looking good. There are male groupies on the tour ?

A. Well, I wasn`t yet stalked.

Q. What about love letters ?

A. Yes, ther are some. I can`t read everything. My mother takes care for this stuff.

Q. What does your parents say that her daughter is a star ?

A. They are proud. In the meanwhile my mother has arrived at Wimbledon.

Q. And daddy ?

A. He has to work. My parents are both tennis coaches.

Q. Who are the most important persons for you ?

A. My mum and my grandparents. And my coach Torben. I trust him. He was on my side when I was on the ground last year.
As the phrase says - in good and bad times.

Q. How do you handle the hype ?

A. Well, I`m still pretty relaxed about it.
You have to handle it in a professional way. The press team of Rafael Nadal is now working for me and answers the international requests.

Q. There`s some thing else for you in life than tennis ?

A. Yes, for sure. I like for instance fashion. I always try to see something different in the cities. With Torben I`m talking a lot about other stuff. Just tennis ? It would drive me crazy.
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