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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
My concern is that if we change things we may not have a place to discuss ATP matches here. That's it. Typically it is just the slams that garner any interest so you will likely get a break from it shortly, at least until the U.S. Open. Again, I don't see the problem. You don't like something and are trying to force the rest of us to change to suit you. That seems excessive and unnecessary. Can't you accept something that you don't like that other people do enjoy?

If you go back and read what I typed this is what I said:

At the time that I wrote that it was true, no one else had spoken up in agreement with Burisleif. If enough people speak up and agree with that side of the discussion then a change will need to happen but I think it is fair to go along with the majority and at the moment the majority seems content to allow ATP discussion here. I would be fine with an all ATP thread but as has been pointed out by you and others such threads tend to be locked. That being the case the "off-topic" thread is likely the best place for those discussions.

If you disagree with something you shouldn't be shy about saying so, you certainly haven't been in the past. As long as you are respectful in your disagreements I don't believe that anyone is going to have any problems with you voicing your opinions.
Sorry,DIAH,that's putrid reasoning on many levels:

For one,there ARE people who'd rather not get in between a squabble,and we can only guess how many posters fit into that category because we can't force them out with a general request to choose sides.

Perhaps your most pathetic excuse was that you wouldn't have a place to discuss the ATP;you offered the same bullshit a couple months ago when you claimed that poor,helpless trolls wouldn't be able to discuss Caroline unless we invited them here...cuz GM was such a poisoned well...The tragedy,huh?.Here's a concept for you: Talk with your MOM...or a friend from school...about ATP...or,and here's an amazing concept: Go to MEN'S TENNIS FORUM

A hypocritical argument was that the endless blabbing wasn't that excessive;my anti-slut jokes--no need to name the person--was DEFINITELY only MOST once every couple of days,usually once every 1 or 2 weeks...and I stopped doing it here cuz a small number of you felt it was excessive.Mind you,this was no big compromise on my part,but I wanted to point out your hypocrisy...and if you're gonna sit there and pretend that others--ESPECIALLY Protoss--don't focus on the ATP Premiers,too(NOT just the Slams),then you're simply lying your ass off

Your Majority Rules excuse is,by far,the best of the bunch but CERTAINLY not an end-all;having a majority doesn't prove that a group is morally or procedurally correct in all instances.We could recite historical examples of where a majority supported slavery...or beliefs such as a flat earth,pantheism,or macro-evolution.It's convenient for you that you've randomly decided HOW much of a majority is sufficient(see the example in the paragraph directly above,where there were only 3 or 4 plaintiffs)...and you seem to be missing Burisleif's relevant thrust so let me use small words for you: THE MODS MIGHT CLOSE THE THREAD....I didn't say it in Spanish so you shouldn't need google translator there.

I'll simplify for you: If you can get a GUARANTEE from Ryan that neither he nor any other mods will close the thread over the constant Swishville point-by-point live scores,then I'll continue going along with the status quo as I've usually done.However,Burisleif raised a truly relevant risk and,as mentioned above,there are PLENTY of places for you to worship man-purse-carrying,snotty,if you CAN'T procure such a guarantee from Ryan,then shut your piehole and go back to proclaiming Caroline's destruction as you do least that's procedurally permissible,w/o doubt,in the forum

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