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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by Burisleif View Post
Not really had enough time to reflect upon it... If I were to contemplate a change however, it would probably be a bit more radical and out of the box, specifically as a means to also eliminate height and other physical advantages. I fell in love with the sport for it's tactical nuances, and fell out of love with it due to too many aces and short points. Any method to restore it to a more tactical sport again would be welcomed by me. Failing that, if it becomes all about power and size again, then I can as a spectator always fall back on Badminton (a much better spectator sport imho) and other passions like cup sailing and cycling again... Track cycling has to be experienced at least once if your a sports fan.
Thank you very much for your input.On principle,I'm opposed to punishing someone for their natural gifts...and there ARE elements of skill to good serving;however,we agree in several respects.I've seen matches where Serena was being clearly outplayed in virtually every aspect of the game...and won ONLY due to her service edge.She's not the only one,of course but,regardless of who it is,such a one-dimensional victory wasn't what the founders of the sport intended,if I had to guess.In Serena's defense,she's inarguably an all-time great,whereas there are guys,in that cesspool of swishy unbearable punks known as the ATP,who are nothing more than Serve Machines...little more than club pros w/o their singular advantage.

Serena's only human(though our favorite J.W. loses her holy rectitude and becomes SUB-human sometimes when umpires piss her off),so it wouldn't be any surprise if her service edge encouraged her to play lazily or sloppily in matches-especially during an opponent's service games(i.e.:'I can just serve my way out of trouble whenever I want').Though she served powerfully both on the faster green clay and on the Blue Freak Show at Madrid,many of us have noticed how Serena often avoids slow,red clay like the plague,and she was as useless as teats on a bull at RG this year...other than the headlines she created by her extra-early exit.I'm not going to play God by pretending to read Ree's mind,but I wouldn't call it a wild assumption that she disliked her relative inability to overpower foes or end points rapidly with one shot on red clay

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