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Originally Posted by pov View Post
No and . .not really. The term refers to the lower abdomen/lower/back/waist area not the hips. (Pinch more than an inch) And it's often used for men too.

And . htf did that topic get brought up in this thread?
The hips are located on the side of the waist area,so it's not as if I was miles apart in distance,Einsteinbut I'll admit that I may have misspoken since I don't use your American idioms as frequently now that I'm back home.However,it's DEFINITELY used more by women cuz I recall that distinctly from my time in the States.I put the response BRIEFLY here b/c I didn't wanna honor the manure thread you created to chat with trolls about Petra,and why do you care if I made a quick mention of it above?There's plenty of downright nasty stuff about Petra at TF,so my comments shouldn't have driven you into therapy or anything .....I'm headed off to work now...

EDIT: To other Petra fans----Was just having a little fun at someone's expense earlier cuz sometimes it's amusing to mess with slavish,ideological drones such as militant feminists and Jehovah's Witnesses...intellectual equals,in most all cases.However,I promised to avoid the heavily inflammatory stuff so,upon reflection,much of the original post was modified.

Still,I'd call it common sense to NOT start aimless threads that could VERY easily be discussed within the regular places that deal with Petra's's pointless clutter to create threads right here for ordinary questions...that's what babbling GM is for,quite apparently.It's especially foolish when the title refers to her as 'Kvitova' and not 'Petra' as that creates the impression that the OP is not a fan and is inviting hostile,negative comments...may as well have a neon sign that flashes "Trolls welcome to bash Petra here".On a final note,we should be vigilant,IMO,in case garbage threads about Petra,that are spawned in GM,get errantly moved here under the idiotic excuse that they belong in the player forum.I haven't seen that happening here yet but it HAS happened elsewhere so it's certainly not impossible

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