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Re: Victoria Azarenka (VIDEOS THREAD)

^ 3:12 Q:"Victoria, how could the difficult 1st matches be explained, you had in the recent past?"

3:20...because actually there are no easy matches in principle,(in such matches..) there are tough opponents, there are some kind of circumstances, it happens that you doesn't appear in your very best form, it's impossible to play ideally everytime, right? Can't give a better explanation, actually there is no proper explanaton, it's just life..and game(tennis) and sport(genaral)!"

3:40 Q:"Vika, another question,it has nothing do to with tennis. Now everyone is cheering for footbal and the Euro championship, maybe you take care about it?"
3:46 A:"We took care, watching it every day, every match."
3:49 Q:"And what team do you support?"
3:51 A:"Actually i'm cheering for spain."
3:54 Q:"Why?"
3:56 A:" Because Belarus isn't playing!!"
3:57 Q:"Understandable, but why do you have chosen spain from all the countries?
3:59 A:"Actually there are several(teams) that i could cheer for, Ukraine, Russia, but truly i don't know why(spain).But i'm patriotic, i would support Belarus, of course!"
4:10 Q:"And during the OG, will you cheer for the belarusian football team?
4:13 A:"Of course, i will cheer for all belarusian athlets during the OG!"

...Note for OG football competition schedule:Belarus has got a real chance to become the runner-up for group C (Belarus/New Zealand/Brazil/Egypt) to face the winner of group D (Spain /Japan/Honduras/Morocco) in the Quarters..
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