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Originally Posted by Towanda View Post
All great points.
I've looked up several other players, and the top searches for them are almost entirely tennis-related. Even Ana Ivanovic, who is also quite attractive, has the majority of her searches related to tennis. Not one of the top searches for Sharapova has anything to do with tennis. This really underscores your discussion of having a large fanbase vs. being famous, and her lack of a cultural impact. It is actually kind of sad that all a large number of her fans care about is how she looks. I am glad for her that she has some fans who are legitimate tennis fans, and like her primarily for her game. You know the rest will bail if/when she gets older, gains weight, becomes less attractive, etc.
Your logic is not only wrong, but limited as well. Very, very limited. Are you 15 years old?
Based on your logic tennis fans are impotent and not interested in hot girls, they are not interested in pictures of the tennis players, neither of their videos, do not want to know who is the boyfriend of their idol, and do not like bikini.
But thank you, your logic made me laugh 10 minutes!
You even did not understand how stupid your comment about Ivanovic is!
And of course you did not realize that the searches, which you studied well, as per your words, show exactly how and when the fan base of Sharapova was created.
Look at graphics in my posts. But carefully, not like you did it until now. Pay attention to the beginning of July 2004. Did you see the Mont Everest in the graphic of searches?
Think 5 minutes. But think seriously, not like you did till now. Did you get it? Yes?
Then you know that the fan base of Sharapova was created within 2-3 days at the beginning of July 2004 during and after her famous Wimbledon win. At that time everything was tennis related. At that time tennis fans around the world became Sharapova's fans. Read the newspapers from that time, see some videos, if you missed that period or did not understand what had happened. Within 24 hours Maria Sharapova became star. And her Cinderella story made her the most interesting female tennis player on the earth, the brightest star on the tennis sky.
The things are very simple when you know the real reasons.
But you could continue talking about your "horny little boys", if you like it or if the facts were too much for your limited logic.
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