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Re: French Open Ratings

Originally Posted by denny5576 View Post
Such conclusion is not correct. Now, worldwide, women's tennis is many times more popular than Evert-Navratilova or Graf/Seles era.
The decline of USA TV ratings of tennis matches, both for men and women, is based on reasons most of which are not related to the sport tennis.
I said that relative to the fact that the women outdrew the men, and that the ratings were higher, regardless of what the existing TV market was at the time. The Women today, are not outdrawing the men. Ten years ago they did. Do you deny that?

Internet searches and stuff like that for a player (which is a result of modern times/players, and the type of fans they attract), don't directly help the sport. But TV ratings and attendance at the events does.

I'm sure Michael Jordan doesn't have 10% of the facebook followers Maria has (as an example), but he's far more famous, and certainly was in his hey day. More importantly, Jordan helped lift his sport (attendance, ratings, recognition and revenue wise), to fans and non fans, something Maria hasn't.
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