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Re: Sara Errani, Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by MS View Post
I expect to have a translation into in English of the long interview later today or tomorrow maybe
Hi guys, I have managed to 'translate' the long press conference from yesterday. I only did the part where Sara answers questions, if someone is interested in the parts where other talk, let me know. And if anyone is practicing Spanish and would like the Spanish transcription (it is done) let me know too I hope there aren't many mistakes and it can be understood, I am not used to translate anymore! I will do the shorter radio interview in the weekend.

Press conference at TenisVal, Valencia, 13/06/2012

Question: You arrive at Roland Garros, start playing, start winning matches, and at certain moment you realise that things are favourable and you can reach the final. In what moment did you become confident enough to say, I am going to fight for it, I am going to reach the final and fight for it?

Answer: No, no, since the first round I have only tried to think of the following match. All my tournament has been like that, both in singles and doubles. It has only been thinking of the following match. I didn’t believe I could reach the final. It is something that has come, it has happened little by little, match after match. The good thing is that I have always felt very good on court, I have played very well. Then I realised that with players of great level such as Kuznetsova, Ivanovic, Stosur or Kerber I was at their level on court. That made that I had my chances to win and that is the way it has been. I have only thought of match after match, I haven’t started the tournament thinking of reaching the final at all.

Question: if you hadn’t played doubles before the singles final, would you have had more chances in the final against the Russian?

Answer: Well, I don’t know, I have done the best I could, maybe without playing doubles I wouldn’t have had more chances either. I have tried to play my tournament, for me the doubles is very important too, same level as singles, so I never thought of not playing doubles to save energies for the singles at all. For me both of them are as important and I have tried my best against Sharapova, as the days before and it wasn’t possible. I didn’t play my best level, but also because she didn’t let me play the way I wanted or the way I like, so well played for her because she didn’t allow me to enter to play the match I wanted.

Question: You went match after match, started winning and now you have realised that you can beat anyone. What’s your goal for the rest of the season, for Wimbledon? What can we expect from Sara?

Answer: my goal is always giving my best every day, training the best I can and in the matches giving the best I have that day. I don’t have an exact goal, because maybe my goal at the beginning of the year was being top 32 to be a seed, and now we are in the middle of the year and I am top 10. So the main goal is always giving my best all the time, on and off court, and later things are coming, you get results. I try to give my best, and later I will see how far I can go, I don’t even know how far I can go, what my best ranking can be, so I will try and at the end of my career I will see how far I have gone.

Question: Sara, looking back, now you are top 10, how do you see now when you came to Valencia almost 10 years ago?

Answer: Well, I really feel I have been here a whole life. I have always liked Spain, Valencia a lot, and also all the people that have been around me because they have always helped me in everything and have made me feel home. That is the best that could happen to me. I tried many places until I found this one and I have stayed here and would like to be here many more years, as I am very happy to be here.

Question: I say because although you are Italian, and very Italian, many consider your success as the success of the Valencian tennis.

Answer: Well, of course I am Italian and when I enter the court it says Italy next to my name, but I am aware that most of what I have is because I have been here, because of the opportunity TenisVal has given me, because of my coach and all the people that have been around me, who are from here, Valencia, Spain, so I consider the prize of the final is also theirs, because without them I wouldn’t have been able to be there. Inside me I feel that everything that is happening is also theirs, not only mine, because without them I wouldn’t have been there.

Question: I also suppose that some of the first people to congratulate you have been people such as Anabel (Medina), Bea García, David Ferrer, as you see each other almost daily.

Answer: Yes, yes, of course, “Ferru” was there with me, he has congratulated me in person and it is incredible that it is David Ferrer to congratulate me, many people have congratulated me and I am grateful, I haven’t been able to answer everyone as I would have liked but I thank everyone.

Question for Pablo

Again questions for Sara

Question: Sara, we talked about your love for football (here we have one of the important names in the Italian football), your brother is a pro football player, apart from being your manager, is it true that you support Valencia?

Answer: Yes, yes, it has been like that since I arrived here, I was given my first Valencia’s tee, and since then I have always supported Valencia, it is a big team and of course I support it.

Question: How is it that you chose Spain? (asked by former football player Carboni)

Answer: I trained in different places, I finally tried here and I liked it because there are many people looking forward to working, I like the way they plan things, people with lots of passion for tennis as I have, and in Pablo I have found a person who gives everything for tennis and for me, who suffers and wants to get a goal, that is not only mine, but also other people’s, so that motivates you more to train and do things because you see that everyone is paying attention to what you do, that you go far, and then you feel you have to do well not just for you, but for others, so that has helped me lots.

Question: Olympics: You are going to play doubles, singles, mixed doubles...

Answer: I was already in the last Olympics in Beijing,but yes, I am looking forward to the Olympic Games, we are working lots and since the beginning of the year I already had in mind the Olympic Games. For me it is something very important and I have always liked that lots and I hope it goes well, I will probably play singles and doubles, and let’s see if also mixed doubles, that way I will have more than one chance to see if a medal comes.

Question: I wanted to ask you how the Italian fans, the authorities have reacted to your success. The Italian tennis is, mainly men’s tennis, in decline since many years ago. I think since Adriano Panatta there hasn’t been a big big name in the Italian tennis. Is there true passion for tennis in Italy? Have they acknowledged your success, were there authorities in the box supporting you?

Answer: Yes, yes, of course, Petrucci was also there, who is the president of CONI. Moreover, the guys are improving now with Seppi and Fognini, but in girls we have a few: Schiavone, who won there two years ago and was runner-up last year, Penetta also top 10 and Robi Vinci, who last year won three tournaments. The four of us have had many good results, we have won the Fed Cup three times, so I don’t think tennis is going that bad in Italy. We are very happy and little by little tennis is being followed more in Italy, also in the newspapers and on tv. That is good, because apart from football, which is always the main sport, it is very good for us that other sports are important now.

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