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Re: French Open Ratings

Originally Posted by lefty24 View Post
you only quoted part of that statement. You said that Stosur is more popular than Maria, and Maria is popular in the U.S., so therefor you're implying that Stosur is popular in the U.S.
Please feel free to quote where I said that Stosur is more popular in the U.S. The fact that you haven't done that yet is telling. If I wrote that, you would have already quoted it. As it is, all you do is keep insisting that I said that, when I definitely did not.

For the record, this is what I wrote:

I realize that this is just my experience, but among the people I know who do not follow tennis, not one of them knows who Sharapova is. But, they do know who Serena, Venus, and Clijsters are, and some of them know who Stosur is. Apparently you have to either have a baby or beat Serena to be known amongst the masses here. I do know one guy who knows who Sharapova is, but that is only because he saw her in a camera commercial, and he only paid attention to the commercial because there was a talking dog in it.
If you think that anything I wrote in there is saying that Stosur is popular in the U.S., and is more popular than Sharapova, then either your reading comprehension is very poor, or you are just making up bullshit for the sake of argument.

Originally Posted by lefty24 View Post
I think the problem is that we're talking about two different groups of people. I'm talking about casual tennis fans, and you're talking about non-tennis fans. It doesn't matter who non-tennis fans find more popular, because well, they're not watching tennis. From what I've seen, people who watch tennis occasionally almost always know who Maria is.

and BTW, those people going crazy weren't crazy Maria fans. They were just regular tennis fans who came to see Maria because their husbands got them tickets from their tennis clubs.

and I live in Philadelphia so it's very cold here, that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of people who play tennis though.

You must have missed the multiple recent threads which have been saying that Sharapova is the biggest women's tennis icon ever, and is well-known and loved across every country on the planet by people who are not tennis fans. My initial post on this thread was referencing those assertions, and arguing that if Sharapova is more beloved in the U.S. than any other tennis player ever, I would expect her ratings for the FO to be better than tied for the second lowest ever. I thought it was pretty clear throughout my posts that I am talking about non-tennis fans. As far as it not mattering how popular she is among non-tennis fans, it apparently does matter to some Sharapova fans; otherwise they would not be dominating GM with posts about what a global icon she is even among non-tennis fans.

I wrote:

I have asked all of my tennis friends if their non-tennis friends know who any tennis players are, and they have had the same experience I have - their friends know Serena and Venus, and Clijsters because such a deal was made over her having a baby. I think some people over-estimate the ability of Americans to pay attention to anything for more than 5 minutes. If Sharapova was on some singing-for-humiliation show, or if she was on some crappy reality show alongside the Kardashians, people might know who she is.
I do agree with you that she is well-known among tennis fans all over the world. In fact I would be surprised if there is any casual fan who does not know who she is. But again, tennis fans are not whom I'm talking about.
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