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Re: French Open Ratings

Originally Posted by ziros View Post
The US isn't the biggest market when it comes to tournaments like the French Open and you KNOW IT. This is like saying "Oh the LA Galaxy-Houston Dynamo MLS final got more viewers than the Man City-Man U game in US,this proves that Man U aren't that big worldwide". And just because people didn't watch Sharapova play doesn't mean they don't know who she is. A lot of people don't want to watch because of the grunting. You're just twisting one BS fact around to try and prove some BS point
I never said that the U.S. is the biggest market when it comes to tennis, and I have no idea where you got that from. In fact, I often comment on how unpopular tennis is here. And again, I never said that the fact that Sharapova is not popular in the U.S. means she is not popular elsewhere.

For the last time, it has been proclaimed that Sharapova is the biggest tennis icon ever, and that she is popular across the entire world. I pointed out that she is not popular in the U.S., so therefore, she is not popular across the entire world. Not once have I said that she is not extremely popular in other countries, in fact, I know that she is quite popular in most every country except the U.S.

You seriously need to work on your reading comprehension. If someone says, "Sharapova is well known and beloved in every country across the entire globe," yet there is one country on the globe where Sharapova is not well-known and beloved, then the statement, Sharapova is worshipped and beloved in every country across the entire globe" is obviously not true. I think that the ratings from the FO final do indicate that she is not worshipped and beloved here. You are right that the ratings do not indicate whether or not she is known, but I do think that if Americans loved and worshipped her, the ratings would have been higher, and they certainly wouldn't have been the second lowest ever for a FO final. I also base my judgment that people here do not know her on the fact that no one that I know who does not follow tennis has a clue as to who she is. But, they do know who Serena, Venus, and Kim Clijsters are. Many also know who Stosur is because she beat Serena in the U.S. final, but I assume they will quickly forget about that. Granted this is only my experience based on my friends, but every person I know who is a tennis fan has said similar things regarding people here not knowing who most players, including Sharapova is.

I don't know why we have to keep going around and around about this. Why is it so important for some Sharapova fans to believe that she is so popular everywhere? And again, if you still don't get it, that is all I have been saying, that she is not popular in the U.S. I have certainly never said any of the nonsense that you think I have said, like that the U.S. somehow represents how the rest of the world feels. But, if you think I've ever really said that, you can feel free to quote it. Until then, let's just end this conversation as it is pointless to continue it.
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