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Re: Bigger gap on clay- Serena vs Henin or Federer vs Nadal

Originally Posted by Sir Stefwhit View Post
Exactly. Those that voted for "Henin over Serena" voted that way because relatively speaking FedTard is a better clay court player than Serena BUT if u answer the question of the biggest gap it's a no-brainer Nadal vs Federer.

How can u seriously answer the question any other way

Nadal >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Federer on clay
Henin >>>> Serena on clay
...even though relatively speaking FedTard >>>>>>>>>> Serena on clay.

The question is 'the biggest gap'- and there's more of a difference between Nadal and FedTard than there is between Henin and Serena.
Well said. I think that is the general consensus here. It's just that some people have bruised egos about their ability to apply simple logic and therefore won't admit that they're wrong.
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