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Re: Bigger gap on clay- Serena vs Henin or Federer vs Nadal

Originally Posted by TheDream View Post
Are you really saying Serena of 2007 was her prime? There is no way in hell Serena was in match shape the second half of the year considering she had the ankle and even more serious thumb injury from the fall at Wimbledon.
So what was she exactly on the decline phase ? She was on a declining phase in a year she won a major ? Add, 4 QF, 5 counting AO 2008. I don't know whom exactly you're trying to fool but certainly not me.

2004 [...] Do you want the pictures posted from those years?
All these are just excuses. I already proved that Serena was still making at least one GS F per year during that period of time again, you really have to make a better case than all these excuses and theories of decline.

Again, Serena was in form the first half of 2007, even at the French Open. The fall at Wimbledon is when the decline happened, she couldn't practice, put on a few pounds, and went into the US Open that year with no matchplay so her endurance was not as where it was before and she barely practiced going into the event.
So Serena won the AO 2007 being fat and out-of-form, ranked 80 something in the world playing her peak tennis but all of a sudden she finds herself in the same physical situation during that same year and she had declined ? According to you she was totally impotent whilst having previously won the AO 2007 in the same physical condition ?

So are just simply saying that her AO 2007 was a total fluke ? Well it wouldn't be untrue considering she was mugging all around and should have lost multiple times against Peer, Petrova & co.

And, Justine was too good? If, this were the case she should have continued playing. When Serena got back to optimum shape and fitness in 2008, she crushed Justine in Miami in 2008 easily with a bagel. It is not Serena's fault that Justine decided to call it quits. She was unmotivated and not in best shape physically, so even if she did decide to play, Serena would have been the least of her worries considering she didn't want it anymore.
Justine had given up since the beat-down in AO 2008 against Maria Sharapova. If you think Justine was at her tennis and mental best after AO 2008 you're clearly delusional and totally delusional. Serena's form from 2007 entering 2008 wasn't that much different while Justine came from her absolute best and was totally gased.

Originally Posted by bandabou View Post
What field are you talking about? I don't know what's happening with Serena at majors these days, but she's beaten Vika/Masha et al in pretty brutal fashion the last 6 months..just somehow can't get it done at the majors. Comes with age I guess.
Well let her beat Vika etc. on the WTA tour as long as she's not clinching the majors that's ok for us.

The ' 02 RG field was much stronger than this year's and even in this weak field Vika couldn't get it what makes you think she was gonna win in '02? THAT was your comment.
Yeah but Serena didn't play the field. Serena played a certain players.

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