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Re: Bigger gap on clay- Serena vs Henin or Federer vs Nadal

Originally Posted by Vikapower View Post
Sorry but that makes no sense whatsoever. I said disregard Justine's 2010 clay season while you try globalize on whole of Serena's 2012. Nice try but doesn't work.

2010 Justine to me and end 2011/2012 Serena worth approximately the same in terms of level of play. Both made a GS F and won a few titles, both showed some abilities and very mediocre play from match to match or tournament to tournament. Serena isn't worst than Justine 2010, Serena isn't playing any differently or bad from what she was before, the competition is just on whole lot different level.

Rena won the AO 2007 playing the greatest display of tennis in a GS F according to her fans. You really gotta bring some serious more evidence to contradict the fact that Serena wasn't still in her prime in 2007.

Rena tards are quick to advance the Sarin short decline theory but if you estimate that decline to be between 2004 to 2007, she still has 2 majors including one she won being ranked over the top 50 and 1 GS F. She also made 5 consecutive GS QF up until AO 2008.

Ok, even if we accepted the famous decline theory how long did it last ? Serena hit a huge peak in AO 2007 and beat Justine in Miami 2007. You Rena fans are just too desperate, from there on now Justine was just too good.

Serena was winning 2 majors a year in a weak field from 2008 to 2010 (though in 2008 she only had 1) whilst in end 2011 and 2012 she still has none. Serena had 1 GS and 1 GS F from 2004 to 2006 -- 1 GS QF.

Even if you cut it per 2 years, 2004-2005 2006-2007 -- She has at least 1 GS F and/or W during these this grouped period -- yeah she was declining or on the decline phase, just whatever rocks your boat.

Because Pierce who was still recovering from injury, lost 6-1 6-1 in the QF and a Venus Williams who reached a fluky RG F was competition ?
You didn't specify the clay-season for Juju..okay, in that case.then cool.
What field are you talking about? I don't know what's happening with Serena at majors these days, but she's beaten Vika/Masha et al in pretty brutal fashion the last 6 months..just somehow can't get it done at the majors. Comes with age I guess.

That's only being said by the newbie Serena-fans who haven't seen her play in ' 02-'03. Serena's win over Momo at Wimbledon ' 02 is still THE best match she's ever played to me. ' 07 oz open final was good, but Masha's just an easy match-up for Serena.

The ' 02 RG field was much stronger than this year's and even in this weak field Vika couldn't get it what makes you think she was gonna win in '02? THAT was your comment.

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