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Re: Where Is Makiri's Career Heading At Age 25? What Is Holding Her Back?

Originally Posted by watchdogfish View Post
I think she needs a proper coach, or at least someone who can help her with the mental aspect of the game. In terms of pure ability, she's one of the best but her lack of focus on the court has let her down over the years. 2008 was her best year in terms of titles won when she was with Eric van Harpen. She won 3 titles that year and hasn't won another since. Or she should become a doubles specialist where I honestly believe she could win a slam title.
Very true about how Maria had her best year in 2008 when she had a real tennis coach and not just her daddy or boyfrined helping her out. There is no doubt Maria is having a good career having made the top 20 in singles and top 10 in doubles. But her skill level, great hands, all court game and shot making ability tell me she should have done more to this point than she has. All in all I think that Maria has slightly under acheived in singles and doubles to this point in her career. I don't care that she lacks weapons and power and does not hit a heavy ball. Aga Radwanska lacks the same things and she's in the top 5 with less God given talent than Maria has. Maria had a terrible clay court season. I hope she can get fired up to play well on the grass. Kiri's footwork, flexibility and balance are so good she should do well on grass but she never does.

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