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Originally Posted by OoohBarracuda View Post
I know it's been a few days now, but circumstances have meant I haven't been able to come on here earlier and post my thoughts, so I just want to get them out there and then I can move on. I apologise for bringing it up but I'd just like to say a few things, feel free to ignore!

Of course I agree with the general sentiment here that Eva did absolutely nothing wrong. She enforced the rules and was 100% correct. Rules are rules; regardless of whether you agree with them or not, they have to be upheld. Rules of other sports can seem unfair and crazy at times, golf springs to mind, but are still enforced nonetheless and it's no difference in tennis. Whether it's a premature "c'mon", a tap of the racket, or a shriek in pain, it is a hindrance and must be treated as such under tennis law. She didn't "over use" the hindrance, it just so happened that in this case the player was in pain multiple times. Doesn't matter if it happens once or 20 times, if a hindrance occurs then the rule must be employed, and Eva did that. If people don't like the fact a grunt isn't treated as a hindrance, don't blame Eva, blame whoever made the rule in the first place. Regardless of the reaction to her calls, it was good to see Eva once again prove how good she is at what she does and show true professionalism throughout.

On another note, I didn't see Eva today. She seems to be doing a lot of matches that don't seem to be televised, and if they are it's usually men's matches were are oh so dull. Hope she gets more screentime and more women's matches.
Now this is fine. Someone else with logic is always good. She did Shvedova-Arvidsson the other day and almost got attacked by a pigeon. Bless.

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