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Originally Posted by Dan_Doe View Post
You're pointless
You understand that Svitolina is better, that's a good start. Svitolina on a normal day would beat Anett, on a good day would beat Anett, and on a bad day Anett would win.
If Anett says she could beat Beck if she wasn't tired doesn't mean she really would. If she played better, Annika would've played better too.
And I'm wondering how the dreaming me would influence a match between Donna and Anett
Still don't get your points. Neh, you don't have any. I still think all of those girls are better players than Anett in this moment and even more consistant.
I of course agree with consistency. Thats a no-brainer. But Anett is the only one of those players never to lose to a player ranked lower than her in Protennis, and she has now played for almost 2 years

She was beating Annika in Copenhagen 6-4 3-3 Game point when everyone was getting broken. She faded from there. Svitolina is better but can fall apart. I don't understand why everyone thinks Donna's so amazing. For her age she is excellent and has achieved amazing things, which no one can take away from her. But the only tournaments between the two that you can compare are juniors, where Donna has done badly.

Look at Anett's pro results this year:
Top 40 loss
Top 50 Win
Top 150 Win
Several easy wins in Tallinn over lower ranked players
Top 300 Win
Top 400 Win (IIRC) who had just beaten Kostova top 160
Top 400 loss (weird)
Dont know Wienerova
Top 200 win
Top 200 loss
Top 250 Win
Top 250 Loss IIRC
Top 200 Win
Top 230 Loss

To add to these stats, every player Anett has lost to has made at least the semi's of that tournament.

Donna's results:
Top 120 Loss
Less than top 1000 win
Top 700 Loss
To 300 loss IIRC
1 Top 250 Win
Top 300 Win
Top 500 Loss
1 Top 300 Win

To add to Donna's stats, all of the highly ranked players she defeated also got easy points. You can't say she beat so and so top 250 players meaning she deserves to be top 250 when the plaers she beat barely deserve to be top 300. The tournaments in Uzbekistan are not weak in rank, they are weak in talent!!

Also, Donna doesn't like Clay.

And BTW, I am not pointless

Originally Posted by Meelis View Post


1 -150

2 151-175

3-4 176-200

-6 201-225

7-8 226-250

-11 251-275

12-14 276-300

5-17 301-325

8-20 326-350
Doesn't that mean Anett will be unseeded?
I don't get your Table

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