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Re: Where Is Makiri's Career Heading At Age 25? What Is Holding Her Back?

Originally Posted by GoMasha23 View Post
I think that if Kiri is able to stay away from these little nagging injuries that she keeps getting, she will be able to be a consistent top 20 maybe top 15 player. I don't agree with the statement that a players career is set in stone for players by age 25. Just look at Li Na and Sam Stosur, they have come on strong at the end of their careers.
And Francesca Schiavone too. Of course Makiri isn't nearly as tough as Schiavone or nearly as powerful as Sam Stosur or Li Na so it will be hard for her to have thier results from age 25 to 30. But it is possible if Maria stays healthy for her to be a top 10 player at some poiint. I just don't know if she wants it enough.

And it used to be that a WTA players career was set in stone by age 25. But that's just not the case anymore. I think that's because players don't play full time until they are 18 whereas it used to be they were playing full time by age 15 or 16 back in the 70's and 80's. Then they usually burned out earlier back then too.

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