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Re: Where Is Makiri's Career Heading At Age 25? What Is Holding Her Back?

Originally Posted by MK Ultra View Post
She can't close out matches. She takes all the top 10 players to 3 sets but never wins. It's not lack of skills, it's definitely mental.
Injuries have also prevented her from better results. Like, in this clay season, she had an ankle injury...
Maybe if Maria played a little less tennis she would be healthier. If she has leg injuries that means she can't move as well as she needs to to get in proper position to strike the ball.
As far as her mental strength goes it's not at the Sharapova level that's for sure. But she's not a mental weakling either. Makiri trains hard, is in fine condition and she seems to play hard during her matches. I really think the proper coach could have unlocked more of Maria's potential than her father has over the years.

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