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Re: The reputation feature - LAST UPDATE: AUGUST 2003

Amazingly, this thread is the only one I could find which gives the reputation ranks/comments (shown when you hover above the user's green or red dots). Thanks Lynx.
But the point allocation changed greatly some years ago:
Originally Posted by Lynx View Post
It's outdated anyway - they've been using 4 bytes for storage for ages now, which means a max amount of positive (or negative) rep points of over 2 billion: 2,147,483,647 to be exact.
So it's unclear how many rep points are needed to move from one rank to another (the last one being "[user] has a reputation beyond repute").
Edit: I suspect the numbers are as in the OP multiplied by million, meaning 1 to 50mil for "[user] is on a distinguished road" and 2 billion for "[user] has a reputation beyond repute". But that's just a conjecture.

This thread is badly misplaced, it should be in the FAQ.
The rep thread there is bad, covers just the basic and doesn't even give the max points let alone says something about ranks.
Some of these things were/are treated here as top secret

Originally Posted by Lynx View Post
Anyway: since 1 rep can give (or take away) 11 bubbles in 1 go nowadays, a lot of the fun - if fun it was - has evaporated imo.
Yep, it's quite pointless and surely not the way the green dots thing is supposed to work.

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