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Originally Posted by miffedmax View Post
Well, there was a reason for it--to make sure that these officers (who were not likely to collaborate with the Soviet's Polish liberation army) were eliminated.

It wasn't, perhaps, a good reason. But it was a reason.

A lot of people forget that just as the Western Allies had foreign contingents (Czechs, Poles, Free French, etc.) fighting for them, so did the Soviets.
I think ultimately the Ruusians aims were fundementally different. There sacrifice in the war was enormous and that demands our respect. But for eastern Europe theirs was not an army of liberation but of exchanging one occupier for another.

The actions of the Russians in places like Poland and the willingness of western powers like Britain to appease them initially, are shameful.

The many Poles who came to Britain during the war, made a vital contribution to the winning of the war, and were betrayed after the war.

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