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Re: Is anyone obsessed with Grey's Anatomy as much as I am ?

I literally could care less if Arizona died.
Which is probably why she will

It's been hinted to be a beloved character, and it's not that I dislike Arizona, just her and Callie have had a rather quiet last few episodes. Plus that "never leave me speech" is just massive foreshadowing.

As long as the last of the originals are intact, I'm fine.

Other annoying things from the last episode:

One year ago, Derek was blacklisted from clinical trials. One year later, a 10 million dollar grant

Does anyone, I mean ANYONE, care about April? They girl killed a guy, got fired, got rehired with a new chief, went PSYCHO at her balls, and is easily degenerating into a mess. It's sad, and seriously jarring. Get her off the screen, because it's unbelievable that a hospital of SG's character will continue to keep her. Your CHIEF RESIDENT FAILED HER BOARDS, get her off the show, she's a disgrace.

Is there any disaster Shonda hasn't tried yet? At least this is more plausible than ferry crash/drowning.

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