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Re: 25k Raleigh

Originally Posted by Ivanovic2008 View Post
Hang it up Lexy. This is getting ridiculous.
Precisely. Problem is, it has been ridiculous for so so so long. Now her ranking is in the 400s and there are few 25K+ Challengers remaining this year in which she can even qualify just to QUALIFY

There'll be no more wild cards thrown at her, either. Too many worthy yougsters out there and GONE are the days when it was a "plus" to have Stevenson show-up to play a two-bit Challenger.

She's done, whether she wants to be done or not. The comeback has hit bottom and, in her case, there's nowhere to go but further down. I mean, comeon, she hasn't even been bothering to hit the gym. She's plump and soft. Who's kidding who?

I mean, she could degrade herself further and start playing 10Ks, but if she was going to do that, she ought to have done it two years ago. She has a 10K Challenger game. Which means she is pretty much reduced to amateurism.

32 this year. No normal job-market skills. If pro tennis had a "boss" akin to those in the normal world, she'd have been fired from her current "job" long ago. She's burned so many bridges on the tour, so no commentary opportunities (we don't even know if she would be any good).

Oh wait ... there's the show-biz career! Hollywood and Broadway are really begging for middle-aged women these days.

I actually do like the woman and hope she finds a way out of this scary pipe-dream, before we see her pushing a shopping cart down some street in San Diego, or working the counter at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I'm sure she has back-up plans. But, it is WAY past the time to implement them. GL in real life, AS.
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