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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by terjw View Post
I can't understand your negative way of looking at it. Caro does NOT play tournaments like Copenhagen out of desperation to win something. Jeez if she wins - ffs look on the bright side and don't not constantly bemoan Oh it was a noddy tournament oh it was a poor player. Of course we would like her to win the bigger tournaments. But don't despise everything else. And if she just wins small tournaments (not that she has anyway this season) - she's not going to improve leaps and bounds in her ranking and to climb the rankings she needs to do well at big tournaments. But don't depise anything she achieves if she does it or call her desperate please.

I'm curious. Is there anything you are pretty good at? If so - what are you like when you win something but it isn't the biggest. I mean I'm elated if I win something. Do you go - I did this out of desperation to win something?
I guess I just look at her career differently than you do. For me the international level events were a stepping stone on her way to being one of the top players. Now that she is a top player I don't see the need in playing them any longer. She has climbed the ladder of success and passed them and going back seems like an unnecessary retreat. She has never played there before and it was not originally on her schedule so I think it is strange that she has decided to play there.

I believe it was Sven Groeneveld that mentioned how little time there is during the season to work on her game and try to improve. I see the week spent in Guangzhou as a wasted opportunity to do so much needed work on her game. I wouldn't say that I despise everything but the big tournaments but it is fair to say that I find it hard to muster much interest in smaller events.

To answer your last question let me say that I tend to start small and try to work my way up. The small steps seem very trivial once you start advancing but they are necessary to get you where you need to end up. I feel exactly the same way about international level events and Caroline. They served their purpose but I don't feel like they are something that benefit her any longer.

These are all just my opinions and I certainly don't present them as facts, I don't understand why you seem to get agitated about what I think. I'm just an opinionated guy with too much time on his hands.

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