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Re: 50k Indian Harbour Beach

Robinson is ranked around 1,100 or something. My grandmother could have waxed Robinson. Alexandra looks TOTALLY out of shape ... like she's been hitting the donuts and chocolate chip cookies. Much chubbier than when I saw her play (and lose) last year in Stanford.

Why is she even bothering? It's not possible to take her seriously -- clearly not spending any time in the gym, which is something she could do to tighten things up, at least. Her movement is atrocious, and little wonder.

Now she gets blitzed by Hardebeck and "retires" for (I'm pretty sure) the 50th time since her "comeback" in 2005. Just a joke.

This is a likeable girl who deserves to find her real calling in life, pushing age 32, because I tell ya' ... pro tennis ain't her thing! It is an epic FAIL for her.

Now she tumbles to # 433 in the world! There's no getting out of that sinkhole. I cannot believe she is wasting her money and time (or someone's money).

Outback Steakhouse is hiring, Alexandra. Who am I kidding ... she would probably be a slow waitress with bad service. Pun intended.

I'd say she could marry some rich old man as an option, but most rich old men prefer much younger and prettier trophy wives.

Her options are absolutely disintegrating. This constant losing must be excruciating for her, at her age. You know she must be aware that the other girls are looking at her and going, "What in the HELL is she still doing out here?"

A job as a teaching pro would be the best bet, because I'm guessing she has few life-skills for the regular job-market and time is slipping away. People in their mid-30s with no job-skills/life-skills are not exactly being snapped-up by employers.

I don't think she could even get a job at Wal-Mart. Dr. J has already got too many kids to support, much less a flailing adult daughter approaching middle age.

That Mother of hers has made a wreck of this woman's direction and it's a shame. There is still time to cobble something together, but she needs to quit now and pursue a real career. Stop messing around with this ridiculous pipe-dream of a tennis career. She should have quit at the end of 2006 when it was painfully apparent that she was never going to get anywhere near a viable living as a pro again.

Most unfortunate. And several tennis commentators have remarked upon this: Charles Bricker of Tennis Week wrote the following article OVER TWO YEARS AGO, and "Lexy" has just been making things worse for herself since:

By Charles Bricker

It's with a certain amount of sadness that I report that Alexandra Stevenson, who had more than 15 minutes of fame at the 1999 Wimbledon, has retired from a match with injury for the 41st time in her heavily mismanaged career.

I'm not sure whether it was the shoulder again. It always seems to be the shoulder, doesn't it? Or was it something else. Does it matter? The latest walk-off came when she was trailing Andrea Hlavackova of the Czech Republic in the opening round of the Australian Open qualifying a few days ago.

Stevenson is 29 years old now and who knows why she keeps hanging on. My guess is it's her mother, Samantha Stevenson, who has been living vicariously through her daughter since she gave the kid her first tennis lesson at age 4 and then declared she'd be there when Alex won Wimbledon. It was more fantasy than a dream.

A few months ago Sports Illustrated ran a warm, fuzzy story about how Alexandra had buried years of anger toward her once-anonymous father, basketball great Julius Erving. It was a touching story and who couldn't be happy that an alienated child had finally found peace with her estranged parent.

But the piece missed by a country mile the much wider story of a young woman who could have been a very good player. Could have been healthy had her injuries been dealt with properly. Could have developed her game had her coaches not been constantly alienated by her mother's dominance.

Stevensonn was just 18 years old when she shocked the tennis world by reaching the quarters of the 1999 Wimbledon, where the news was revealed that Erving was her father while her mother was holding press conferences to attack alleged lesbianism in the women's locker room. Somehow, even in those golden days, you knew the kid was in for a rocky ride.

She had been in 19 Grand Slam events since and not reached the third round. She had gone out in the first round of 15 of those majors. She hasn't been in a Slam since the 2004 U.S. Open, where her record is 0-7.

Her vagabond life now consists of travel to one-horse tennis towns to play Bush League matches or to try to use her ranking (low 200s) to qualify for regular WTA events. But she hasn't been able to get into a regular WTA tournament since Charleston in April of 2009 and she hasn't won a match in a regular WTA event since Charleston in 2008.

Why she continues to play is a mystery. When she was on top of the world at Wimbledon 11 years ago she professed a desire for a career in show business. Maybe that can still happen. Certainly, the last 11 years have been a melodrama.
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