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Re: Margaret Court Picture Thread

Originally Posted by alfajeffster View Post
Oh, I know. She looks like a goose headed for an aircraft turbine. This may sound silly, but I'm serious here- I think she really suffered from being such a prude and wearing longer skirts and later on in her career those hideous oversized collars which she hid behind. Graf suffered from the same insecurities with her shoulders and hands. She thought it made her look less feminine. Oh, and regarding Madge's hair, my sister is a licensed cosmetologist, and I showed her several of Margaret's videos. She insisted they were highlights, and stupid me, I argued that it was all the sun.
Very funny! She was very awkward looking indeed much of the time ... esp when you watch her playing again Evert, Goolagong and Bueno who all had such grace and elegance and were incredibly feminine.

Even I could tell they were streaks (or highlights)

LOL @ the big collars - they were hideous. But those Tinling dresses were a bit improvement on the dowdy Fred Perry shirt and skirts she used to wear! Very frumpy. Martina went for the big collars too in the 70s.

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