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Re: Caroline Garcia

Caroline was playing standard issue #100-200 range tennis, aggressive variant (picture say Corinna Dentoni, Mandy Minella, Vitalia Diatchenko or Lesia Tsurenko), only very badly. And that was even before the meltdowns began - near the end of both sets, and were they ugly.

Even her BH swing, which I remembered as a bit stiff from previous matches, is actually smooth as silk, but her tactics are just a mess. She has the potential to be a good shotmaker, but is made to play like a claycourt grinder, when her footwork and consistency just aren't up to it. She either takes the ball early - which she can do given how good her technique is - or plays higher %. Going for crazy shots from 2 meters behind the baseline just won't cut it. Kept overhitting throughout. Plus that retarded court positioning means she doesn't take advantage of the soft balls she earns with her serve. Leaving half of the court wide open to hit FHs that don't even allow her to take over the point, let alone finish it - not smart. Watson just counterattacked into the open space. Watson has a fairly good serve for her size, but that's no excuse for the dismal returning I saw. Safarova level - slow to react, and then didn't move her feet at all.

When her coach went to talk to Caroline after the first set disaster, he gave her useful advice by the looks of it - hitting her BH with more margin and topspin, rallying a bit more instead of going for shots that weren't there. Caroline did just that, and it worked for a half dozen points or so, but then it was all-out self-destruction again. An untimely DF or a bad return game, and there goes her confidence.

Time to play down to work on match playing skills, return game and learn how to fucking rally - improvements might take months. And when I say "improvements", I mean achieving an acceptable level of shotmaker-lite #100-200 tennis like that of the players I mentioned above. Because playing at anything close to top 100 level seems like a mirage right now.

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