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Re: Bepa's new coach

On her post-match press conference, after win over Stephanie Voegele ( Charleston 2012 ) she answers some questions about her coaching situation:

Q. Vera, can you confirm your coaching situation right now? Are you working with anyone?
Vera Zvonareva: Yeah. Well, Scott Burns is helping me here. He's my fitness trainer, but he's helping me a little bit, like he was doing on court coaching today. But you know, like as of the moment I don't really have a coach.

Q. Vera, just one last question going back to the coaching, are you looking to hire a coach soon or are you kind of happy going at it alone?
Vera Zvonareva: You know, I'm not in a rush, you know. As soon as I feel that I can -- soon maybe I'll meet a person that I feel like can help me, then you know, I will consider it. As of the moment I'm just, yeah, taking my time and trying to focus on getting my health back.
That's the priority at the moment. That's what we're working a lot on with my fitness trainer as well. We're implementing a lot of special work outs to help me recover
from all those injuries that I had. That's the priority, and then from there we will
see about the coach.
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