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Re: miffedmax used to be fun ...

Originally Posted by Pureracket View Post
You call any of that bunch of sicko E.D. fans fun? Really? I merely suggested that that woman trim (yes, TRIM) her bangs, and that lot found the address to my house, and I received boxes of blonde babydoll hair in the mail until I issued a formal apology.

"Miffemax" and "fun" don't belong in the same sentence, boo.
And I was never even indicted. In fact, the Sanford police cleared me immediately.

In all seriousness, one of the reasons new mods were added to GM was there was a sense it had become something of a zoo.

If you feel a thread has been moved or closed unjustly, you can always contact me or any other mod by PM. We will be happy to discuss it with you. I have been known to re-open threads because a poster made a good case.

Generally, though, when I close a thread I try to leave a message about why I did it. Yeah, sometimes I'm snarky because my patience has been tried, but I do try. And I always let you know I closed it so you know who to contact.

But really, we were actually losing members due to what a mess GM had become.

Pass the duct tape and super glue. Lena's done broke my heart one last time.
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