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Re: Nadal/Djokovic ran 30 miles in AO Final

Originally Posted by firstserveace View Post
Do you believe that Nadal and Djokovic ran a combined 30 or so miles in last weeks final. I find that incredible. What other sport is this physically demanding? A marathon? I don't think so. Back and forth sprints for 15 miles a piece (I believe Nadal ran 16 and Djok 14 give or take) while hitting a ball traveling at 70mph and kicking off the court.

Last week tennis gained a lot of respect from non-tennis fans.
What other sports compare to a 5 set 6 hour match?

I blogged on this and would love to get your thoughts

Happy hitting
I have a few observations.

First of all, I am a not a new fan so probably not the sort of person you want to attract.

But, quite frankly, I am not that impressed that two guys need to play a match for 6 hours continous to get it done.

Your blog was interesting because I didn't see any mention about the actual quality of tennis, it was purely about the fact they ran, stopped, hit the bill hard etc for 6 hours. Of course it was the intention of your artcile but it gives me the impression that tennis is almost a sideshow.

Why would people have more respect for a sport simply because two guys can't finish a match? The US open final they played last year was literally 4 hours 30 minutes and yet one set was 6-2 and another set was 6-1!

From what I can see, it is not so much the fact that they are running around for 6 hours, it is more the fact that both guys play a similar style, both guys do not hit near the lines often, both play a safety first approach, if they do go for the lines, then they do not always follow it up to the net even to take floating balls out of the air. Plus the court is Australia is pretty slow, but even on a quicker hardcourt like the US, their matches are really long. Oh yes, let's factor in the fact that both guys take a terrible amount of time between points bouncing the ball, collecting themselves, picking their backsides etc etc. These are the reasons their matches never finish at an appropriate time.
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