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Re: 2012 Dubai

Originally Posted by Mike81 View Post
I'm confused as to what her mother said to her because there are two different translations on GM
Can't believe I'm feeding the troll responding to you again, but if you mean Melange's post, that was a joke. He replaced Mama Lisicki's comments with Piotr's from his last coaching of Caroline.

Originally Posted by Tomek. View Post

video here:

Piotr: you aren't here, you aren't there. those framed balls, no 1st serves in - you know why you don't have them? How could they be if you are not thinking what you are doing. You are standing here like a piece of meat that wants to do something but doesn't know what. (showing with his finger) Why didn't you hit that ball? Because you didn't see it.
Caro: I did see it
Piotr: Don't discuss with me now. This is a complete bullshit/rubbish. Now I will tel you what to do: while serving watch the ball, with new balls go lower on your legs, stand on baseline. She is not running, she is playing you high with backhand. And why you are doing? You are not hitting the ball harder. At her second serve you have to cover the ball (umpire saying time) hit it,and you are (showing it to Caro ) here and here, you are nowhere. Understand? you are nowhere. The racket low, hit with spin, close with elbow. Oh and Carolina, did you play backhand down the line? This is really laughable/pathetic. fuck...

that's all

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