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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
I'm not sure if Martian was around here before me or not but I do remember his posts circa late 2010 and they were much more reasonable. He could still be very critical but at that time he wasn't nearly as...extreme... as he was the last few times he posted here. Of course at that time Caroline was very much ascendant so it was hard to be too negative about her and her results. If my memory serves me Martian disappeared from here for most of 2011 and I don't think he returned until late summer or early fall 2011 and his posts at that time were much more critical/negative mirroring her results.

Actually I think he is similar to me. I don't think he ever hated Caroline or was happy that she was struggling. I think he was frustrated that she was not fulfilling her potential. I felt/feel very much the same and sometimes I am accused of being too negative. I think (and hope) that the difference is that I never go too far while unfortunately Martian really went too far in his criticisms of Caroline and her game.
I think he's frustrated that she's not Martina Hingis. He worships Hingis (even more than me ) and he freely admits that since she retired nobody else has been able to fill that void for him. He had hoped that Wozniacki would be the one, but now he basically blames her for not being Martina Hingis. Strange, but he's a strange guy. A Dr. Jekyll - Mr. Hyde type if ever there was one.

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