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Re: WTA Ranks Update Thread

Originally Posted by TheBoiledEgg View Post
Those pts dont count until 4 P5 have been played in the calendar year.
Thats how its been done in last few years for new top 20 players and those who went out of top 20
Thank's for letting us know how WTA runs their ranking system. According to 2012 WTA Official Rulebook (p 224 & 225) that's not the way it should be done:
i. New Top 20 Player
As a new Top 20 Player participates in Premier 5 Tournaments, after she participates in her first Premier 5 Tournament, her best Premier 5 Tournament within the 52 week cycle must count on her rankings. After she participates in a second Premier 5 Tournament, her (2) best Premier 5 Tournaments within the 52 week cycle must count on her ranking.
iii. Former Top 20 Player
A former Top 20 Player’s ranking formula will be gradually adjusted and additional best results from other Tournaments can be used to count towards the players’ ranking once the player’s Premier 5 Tournaments (whether counted torward her ranking or not) begin to drop off. The player’s ranking formula will be completely adjusted after her 2nd Premier 5 Tournament from the previous year drops off.
And from a previous discussion within the preceding “WTA Ranks Update Thread” in May 2011 this is also not the way Meelis expected it is done by WTA:
Meelis: […] New designated top 20 players […] don´t have to count any P5 results right now. After Toronto they must have at least one P5 result among best 16 and after Tokyo at least two.

Kerbicz: I'm still afraid that your interpretation does not agree with the actual WTA rules. […] This provision implies, quite unambiguously IMO, that a new Top 20 player must already have one P5 tournament (her best P5 result obtained within last 52 weeks) included in her "best 16" tally - on condition she played in Dubai this year. And, if she plays in Rome this week too, she will have to count two P5 results on her ranking, starting Monday May 16th.

Meelis: Like you said, if she played in Dubai and will play in Rome too.
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