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Re: Maria in Pattaya

Originally Posted by Celeborn View Post
She shouldn't be. She was already tired at the start but still the better player. Just being dead tired in the end was too much . But yeah, pulling out of Doha might be a good idea, no point in playing there without real chances.
I would think Martia is now better than Hantuchova but I'm not sure. Don't tell Dani fans that. This was a great chance for Masha to break her title drought. But she didn't because she was tired. The story of Kiri's career has been her being unable to win easy matches in the majors or even the regular tournies. When it comes to big matches in semi's and finals and the second week at the grand slams for Makri she is usually tired. Too bad because a player of her skill should have more titles and better rankings over the years than she does have.

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