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Re: Deniz Khazaniuk bashes the entire Fed Cup team in "Maariv" interview

Here's my transaltion.
I didn't have much time to translate and go over what I wrote, the English is not the best, but I hope it will at least make clear what was said.

"Captain Lior Mor is a disgrace, Shahar Peer a big Bluff, Julia Glushko Nasty".
Khazaniuk was invited this year to participate in the fed cup for the first time, and the trauma the tournament left with her, caused her to speak out.

It's not a way for a national team to handle itself, it's a behavior of a "hood".
If, with my age and at the #460 in the world, I'm used to a certain professional standard, and then I get to the national team, which is supposed to be the top, and I find out what a "hood" it is, that says it all.
I'm still in shock from what I saw. I was excited I was about to represent Israel, but now I doubt I will agree to go there next year. It's no wonder we failed.

If Captain Mor sees for years the disgrace, and chooses to do nothing, he's a disgrace himself.
He doesn't have a schedule and an orderly work plan. He does everything on the go. In the evening I would ask him elementary things about the schedule for tomorrow, when we'll be eating and training, and he would answer that he doesn't know, and then decide at the last moment in the wrap up talk.

Mor and Tomer Dank (the trainer) treated me disrespectfully, prevented my personal trainer from the training, and wouldn't even agree I would go to the bathroom alone, only with the rest of the team.
We would wake up at 09:30 and start training at 11:00, when all other teams were already at 08:00 on the court. In the evening, instead of going to sleep in a normal hour, they would start looking to go out to restaurants.

How much did this behavior hurt the team?
We are worth much more than 9th place, and with a different behavior we could look much better.
The "hood" in the team reached the court. Even at the last day I found out 10 minutes before the flight, that the flight was changed to an earlier time, when I accidentally went down to the lobby, and saw everyone was waiting for the ride to the airport. If I wouldn't have found out by accident, they would have forgotten me there. When they invited Valeria Patiuk to the team, they found out she was hurt at the last minute.

How were you received by the other players?
Very badly. Instead of making me feel well for being young and new, they kept humiliating me and making fun of me. I would go to sleep feeling lousy and helpless. They treated me like a servant, and from the beginning Shahar, Julia and Keren gave me a talk, saying that because I'm new, I would have to work for them, get them towels, and fulfill every request the have.
I didn't have any problem to help out, but I don't think that's the reason I was there for. Keren Shlomo kept sucking up to Shahar and Julia, preparing shakes for them, getting them towels. If she likes being their maid that's her business, but Shahar and Julia have hands and legs.

I didn't want to be a maid, so they treated me badly. When I spoke to a Portuguese player on the bus, Julia said she doesn't allow me to talk to rivals and added "maybe you should go and play in another team", like I am the enemy of Israel.

In the professional behavior of Shahar and Julia were things that bothered you?
A lot of things. It was customary, at the end of each day, the captain chose which of the four of us was the best, and gave out Gummy Bears accordingly. The best one getting the most gummy bears.Shahar and Julia were ready to kill for these gummy bears.

I don't think it's very healthy to eat a lot of gummy bears every night. The night we played against Holland and got to the hotel at 1:00 at night, it was still important for them to give out the gummy bears.
Even after I got sick from sitting in the cold without proper clothing they forced me to stay up until 2:00 at night, when we were supposed to play important matches against Portugal the next day.
If Shahar and Julia think it's more important to have gummy bears than to sleep in a normal hour, no wonder they did poorly against Portugal. Ten minutes before the start of the match, I saw them arguing about what color tu put on their fingernails.

Shahar is actually considered the ultimate professional in Israel

I thought so too before I knew her better. Now I know she's a big bluff. I respected her for not giving many interviews, but it turns out it was only to hide the big bluff.
She's very low level on the human aspect. A professional doesn't go out after a loss. I, that didn't even play, took the loss to Britain to heart and couldn't stop crying. Five minutes after the loss Shahar and Julia were joking around and the same night they went out with the trainers to a club.
Shahar Tzuberi took them to all kinds of clubs during the tournament. A professional doesn't go out until 5 in the morning, and only then go back to the hotel, when she doesn't even remember if she slept in Keren's room or her own.
I know it's not fun to go to sleep early, but that's part of the sport. When I see how she behaves, I'm not surprised she is getting worse in the rankings.

Khazaniuk is considered with Patiuk to be part of the future of women's tennis in Israel. She was born in Ashkelon to parents from the Ukraine, and she lives with her parents in Natanya.

Her parents also have things to say:
The mother: The fact that we had to pay for her hotel room says it all. Mor doesn't behave like a captain. He behaves like captain PopEye. The messages and mails he sends he opens with Hi Girrls or Hi Animals.
Judy Murray calls her players "animals"? Next week Deniz was supposed to play in Egypt and everyone was saying we're crazy for it, and I answered the only hostile place for Deniz with the racism and disgraceful behavior is Israel.

The father: When I complained to Mor about the treatment to Deniz, he said he used to fetch towels for Mandsoff back in the day as well. I don't want Deniz to stay in that position, she's worth much more.

The response of the ITA: We disgustingly (with an error in Hebrew) reject the things Deniz has said.
It's a pity Deniz decided to come out with those false and baseless accusations against federation cup players and captain We are surprised by the tone of the player which did not meet accepted standards. The Association will work within it's institutions to bring this player to "Justice".
Shahar Peer: I wish her luck in her path.
The Captain didn't want to respond.

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