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Re: 2012 Champions League: rules, entry list, 1st leg draw!

Basic rules

2 posters will face each other in a soccer match and the standings will be updated everyday at the end of the usual daily Tennis Poker schedule.

Each singles win (regular singles tour, Fed Cup singles rubbers and Worlds singles) counts 0.4 points, each doubles win (regular doubles tour, Doppio Giallo, Fed Cup doubles rubbers and Worlds doubles) will be worth 0.2 points for each doubles partner and each win in the Worlds event for nations will give 0.2 points to each team member. Qualies matches give only one half of the main draw points: 0.2 in singles and 0.1 in doubles. Scores are rounded, so in order to get the first goal you need at least 0.5 points.

In knock-out matches, the winner is decided considering, in this strict order: number of golas scored (regular win), number of points scored before roundings (win after extra-time), singles combination (win after penalties).

In Round Robin groups, only the number of goals scored is considered, and each soccer match win is worth 3 points for the group standings, each draw 1 point. Considering the group final standings, in case of a tie between 2 posters, the direct encounter winner gets through. In case of a tie among more than 2 posters, the following additional elements will be considered in this order: number of goals scored, singles combination in the last leg.

There will be 2 preliminary knock-out rounds of qualies. A total of 16 posters will qualify to play the Round Robin phase, which will start in the 3rd leg and will include 4 groups of 4 posters: with 1 match per leg, you’ll get to play everyone by the 5th leg. Top 2 in each group will qualify for the 6th leg quarterfinals, where there will be knock-out matches again to decide the ultimate Champions League winner.

Match examples

Poster A wins 1 singles and 1 doubles and scores 0.4 + 0.2 = 0.6
0.6 is rounded up to 1

Poster B wins 3 singles matches and score 3 x 0.4 = 1.2
1.2 is rounded down to 1.

Poster C wins 2 singles and 2 doubles, scoring 2 x 0.4 + 2 x 0.2 = 1.2
1.2 is rounded down to 1.

Poster A vs Poster B ends up with a 1-1 draw.
If this is a Round Robin match, this draw is worth 1 point for both in the group standings.
If this is a knock-out match, Poster B advances thanks to the better score before roundings (win after extra-time).

Poster B vs Poster C ends up with a 1-1 draw.
If this is a Round Robin match, this draw is worth 1 point for both in the group standings.
If this is a knock-out match, as also the scores before roundings are the same, the Poster who advances is the one with the best Tennis Poker combination in that leg (win after penalties).

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