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Originally Posted by newmark401 View Post
Yvonne Prévost
Born circa 1880
Married Auguste Boppe, 11 May 1905

I'm now almost convinced that there was never any Hélène Prévost, only an Yvonne. Of course, there could have been two tennis-playing Prévost sisters. But it is difficult to prove. However, the above details are facts (I'm not sure of Yvonne's exact birthdate).

Sources: "Le Figaro", "Lawn Tennis and Croquet"

Originally posted by Rollo:

Regarding Prevost-unless we know her middle names how likely is it she was simply a Yvonne Helene Marie.... and used Helene?

Originally posted by newmark401:

As for Yvonne Prevost, that information on her is accurate. I doubt now that there was a Helene Prevost. But it's very difficult to prove when sources almost never provide a first name. That said, I've seen Yvonne Prevost's name in some reliable contemporary sources, such as "Le Figaro" and "Lawn Tennis and Croquet", but never Helene Prevost.

Originally posted by Rollo:

I see-so unless there is some contemporary source listing her as "Helene" what we have is a misidentification. I'll have to go back and check the rare mentions around the 1900 Olympics. They probably all called her Miss (or Mlle) Prevost!

Orignally posted by newmark401:

Yes, and the tournament in question was called the "Tournoi de l'Exposition' and was held during the 'Exposition Universelle'/'World Fair' in Paris in 1900. Only in retrospect was that tournament given Olympic status (it featured a men's singles event for professional players!).

Update: There is concrete evidence that Hélène Prévost and Yvonne Prévost were two different people. Hélène was the daughter of André Prévost, who played some lawn tennis himself.
From ''Le Figaro'' 18 February 1919 p. 2:

Les obsèques de M. André Prevost (de Reims) auront lieu à Saint-Pierre de Chaillot, demain mercredi ig, à neuf heures et demie précises. Cette mort met en deuil Mme André Prevost, née Balourdet, etses enfants M.Jean Preyqst, MM. et Mmes René Gallice, Louis Budin, Pierre Giierlet, Mlles Madeleine et Hélène Prévost. Prière de considérer le pré- sent avis comme tenant lieu de faire-part. Ni fleurs ni couronnes.

The book "Les Jeux Olympiques Oublies" by Andre Drevon mentions Andre and Helene were father and daughter.
"Le dictionnaire des médaillés olympiques français" by Stephane Gachet gives the following for Andre
Full name Jean Marie André·Prévost
Born 26 March 1860 in Reims, Marne
Died 15 February 1919 in Paris
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