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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by DownInAHole View Post
All we can do is engage in wild speculation (which I am happy to do).

Whatever problems/differences there were in the beginning probably appeared to be small but as time went on and Caroline started to play actual matches those problems/differences likely became much bigger and impossible to overcome.

Many people, myself included, are placing the blame on Piotr's shoulders but there are only a very small number of people (Caroline and Ricardo and almost certainly Piotr) who know the truth. Maybe Caroline was unhappy with Ricardo and overruled Piotr? We will probably never know what happened but from the outside looking in things appear to be a bit chaotic. Hopefully things will stabilise and Caroline can focus on her tennis.
I wonder why so few considered the possibility that the fault could be really in Sanchez even though Caro herself said that she felt he brought nothing new to the table.

I am no tennis expert but from a few quotes from him I gained an impression that he came up with the usual ideas her detractors have about her game. In short: you must be more aggressive.
But I think that if you look at Caroline's career it shows the opposite. She achieved her success playing the opposite way based on patience and moving the opponent around the court rather than trying to attack. I think that a style that is natural for her and to change all that now when she's 21 was just a silly idea. Who knows, maybe when she heard him talking she thought 'oh no, that's what I have heard thousand times and now I even have to pay for it'

I think she was looking for someone who would help her to develop HER style not to force her play the way that they think is right without considering what suits her. That idea with hitting forehand instead of a backhand or being happy that she injured her wrist since she'd be forced to do forehands summed it up for me. I had a gut feeling that this wouldn't last long.

I think she'll not hire a coach for a long time from now on. Let's see what she and Piotr can do. Maybe this will work out best for them.
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