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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by marineblue View Post
I agree. I think Sanchez had unrealistic expectations about their cooperation. How could he expect that Piotr would just let him make changes and step aside after all the years he spent working with Caroline?! With no practical experience with tennis he's turned her to a top-class player. I think it is understandable that he was very concerned about her future and not prepared to let a new face in the team take over everything from one day to another.

I get the impression that Sanchez came to their team with an outlook to change things, he doesn't sound like he had a lot of belief in their approach and wasn't prepared to build on that. I think that a good coach would not try to force them work differently since the start of cooperation but would take things slowly and more carefully AND strive to create a good working relationship with her father.
I think that Caroline needs to take control of her future and forget about Piotr (as a coach). Maybe I am wrong but it appears that she has grown as a player as much as she can with him as her coach. Since she became number one there hasn't been much tangible growth in her game, if she is going to stay near the top and hopefully win some slams she needs to keep improving. I'm not convinced that she can do that with Piotr as her coach. The problem Sanchez appears to have run into is that Piotr is still in the picture and ultimately in control. Until Caroline gets rid of him as a coach I think any future coaches/consultants will run into a similar problem and not be able to help Caroline as much as they would without Piotr looking over their shoulder.

Right now her biggest problem is mental. She needs to find a way to take control of key points during matches rather than reverting to being passive and hoping for errors from her opponent. Maybe a new coach will not be able to help with that but we have seen over the last six-eight months that under Piotr she isn't getting any stronger mentally. A change in coach can not make things much worse than they currently are and could make things much better.

If she does very well in February/March and has deep runs (winning at least one title) I will gladly eat my words. If that doesn't happen I think it will be clear that there is a problem that needs to be addressed before she can get back to where she was a year to a year and a half ago.

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