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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 5

Originally Posted by goldenlox View Post
When a parent is coach, a new coach has to get along with that parent. He has her ear every day. Her parents are 2 people Caroline trusts.
Anyway, lets see how she plays now. Last year she only lost 1 match from AO loss to Miami loss, all titles & a final in between

I agree. I think Sanchez had unrealistic expectations about their cooperation. How could he expect that Piotr would just let him make changes and step aside after all the years he spent working with Caroline?! With no practical experience with tennis he's turned her to a top-class player. I think it is understandable that he was very concerned about her future and not prepared to let a new face in the team take over everything from one day to another.

I get the impression that Sanchez came to their team with an outlook to change things, he doesn't sound like he had a lot of belief in their approach and wasn't prepared to build on that. I think that a good coach would not try to force them work differently since the start of cooperation but would take things slowly and more carefully AND strive to create a good working relationship with her father.
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