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Re: S7 - 2: Mondial Australian Women's Hardcourts, Gold Coast (II)

Serena Bows Out Of The Gold Coast Tier II

Serena made it to the quarterfinals of the Gold Coast International this week despite loosing two matches and winning only one. Considering you don't know the previous information, any tennis fan could consider that a decent effort. Well, obviously, Serena is one that doesn't content with very little. And as we look forward to the Australian Open, it is expected that she'll be working very hard to get back to the form she once was before taking a break from the tour about one year ago.

Q. Seems like there's perspective here. Seems like you're motivated to go back out there. I think if you compare this to other press conferences after defeats, you'd agree that they're a little different.

SERENA WILLIAMS: I'm still rusty. I'm glad I got a lucky looser spot, I feel like it gave me more match practice in. On top of that, I feel like I didn't play well today. I don't feel like I can't get better. I feel like if I was in a situation where, Wow, she played so great, and I played amazing, and I served 80%, and I hit no doublefaults, I didn't hit 28 unforced errors, that would be a totally different situation.
So it's just like, you know, I can't be so angry at myself, even though I'm very unhappy. I know that I can play a hundred times better than I did this whole tournament, so...

Q. What is your next tournament ?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Sydney International i believe. I really look forward to that. I have to get there tomorrow morning in order to meet the sign-up for qualifications, so yeah no time for me to rest on the Gold Coast. I really wanted to go surfing but maybe next year (laughs).

Q. You said she played well against you. What gave you the most problems with her?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I honestly think it was on my racquet. I hit a lot of errors. I mean, she hit some great shots down the line. But, I mean, every ball that came, I just hit it as far out as I could.

Q. Is there any one thing that you put it down to today?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I don't know. I served horrendous. That's one of the 50 things.

Q. What does your schedule look like this year ?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Obviously I really missed tennis and all the competitive aspect of it, so I have a pretty busy schedule. I'm trying to stay healthy and positive so I can fulfill all my commitments. I have Sydney, Melbourne next and then off to clay. My first tournament on clay will be in Amelia Island I believe...Anyways I really look forward to all my tournaments.


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